This Workplace Problem Is Costing Companies Millions And It Has To Stop Now

If you think that bullying ends in high school, you couldn’t be more wrong. In a quite surprising revelation, two separate 2019 workplace surveys conducted in the UK and the US show 71% and 94% of employees admitting to being bullied or witnessing bullying in the workplace, the higher percentage being recorded in the US.

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Bullying and harassment in the workplace are nothing new but due to the pandemic, they’ve increased significantly. The perpetrators are moving away from more overt forms of bullying to passive-aggressive behaviors such as leaving other workers out of meetings, bullying via video calls, making demeaning comments, and sending inappropriate text messages or emails.

Employers and managers need to get a handle on the situation quickly and efficiently or they might find themselves paying out huge settlements to affected or eventually being out of business. In 2019 alone, some US companies had to pay close to $70 million to employees who made their case for workplace harassment.

A good employer knows that the key to high productivity is a happy and comfortable employee. Studies have shown that workers who feel comfortable in their workspaces are likely to be twice as productive as workers who aren’t. If workers are constantly bullied, harassed, or treated in a demeaning way, they simply will not perform optimally costing employers millions in potential revenue.

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Thankfully, to every problem, there’s a solution. Employers and managers need to seek professional guidance to deal with the growing problem of workplace harassment, bullying, and disrespectful behavior. They must utilize practical and comprehensive strategies to:

Here are 3 ways to best achieve these objectives:

Employers in any workplace whether medical, educational, corporate, engineering, manufacturing, or retail must effectively manage employee interaction to minimize workplace harassment and bullying or they can pay dearly( in the million-dollar bracket) for not doing so.

Why do you think companies and corporations like British Airways, Ferrovial Construction, and The BBC continue to earn so much revenue? They’ve had professional help to deal with workplace harassment and bullying. Take a page from their book, and nip this revenue eating parasite in the bud!

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